On-chain ETFs

Arcanum enables generation of decentralized ETFs tracking the prices of crypto assets within multipools and unique asset management opportunities for ETFs holders.

Automated Asset Manager

Arcanum protocol is built on top of AAM mechanism enabling truly DeFi diversification, portfolio rebalancing and risk mitigation. Arcanum exposes AAM mechanics for permissionless use.


Sharpe Portfolio Index ($SPI)


Sharpe Portfolio Index is a

Black-Litterman model based

index that contains largest crypto assets that exist on Arbitrum.

Arbitrum Ecosystem Index ($ARBI)


Arbitrum ecosystem index ($ARBI) is a


index that contains tokens of Arbitrum DeFi protocols.

Why Arcanum

Low fees.

AAM is a portfolio management tool that charges minimal fee for trading as it is beneficial for management.

$AAA rewards for ETF minters.

Liquidity providers of AAM are allowed to farm Arcanum protocol token and ETH that was earned from fees

Access to multi-asset portfolio with a single token.

Arcanum’s AAM allows to mint Multitool shares within a single token, what makes it cheapest opportunity for diversification.

No price impact.

AAM use oracle price for trading portfolio.

Earn by moving ETF to balance.

AAM has mechanics that reward users for balancing ETF

MEV strategies friendly.

Multipool provides Multiswap - a cheap and convinient tool for MEV searchers. Portfolio management is also optimised for MEV use.

Arcanum protocol

A highly scalable fully decentralized ETF protocol.

Arcanum is an on-chain ETF protocol built upon a new crypto primitive - AAM (Automated Asset Manager) utilizing multipools. Arcanum is enforced by unique balancing mechanisms of the ETFs' portfolio approved by the governance.